iTunes Menu

Start ArtistInfo from within iTunes by Menu Command

Add an additional Menu to start ArtistInfo from within iTunes directly. This is done by enhancing iTunes via AppleScript. It will start ArtistInfo or brings an already running ArtistInfo application window to the front.

Follow the instructions in the "HOWTO ADD MENU" panel to install the ArtistInfo menu in your iTunes application. 



Install iTunes Menu

  1. Download AppleScript
    Safari will copy the "ArtistInfo.scpt" to the <Downloads> folder.
  2. Go to <Library/iTunes>
    You reach the <Library> folder in Finder with the Go menu while pressing the "alt" key.
  3. Check for <Scripts> folder
    Create <Scripts> folder if it does not yet exist in <Library/iTunes>.
  4. Move AppleScript
    Move "ArtistInfo.scpt" from <Downloads> to <Scripts> folder.
  5. Menu is Ready to Use
    Start ArtistInfo within iTunes.