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Are you missing the fascinating information found in CD booklets and on album covers? ArtistInfo brings back album credits and relevant insights about your favorite bands and musicians:

  • Artist names
  • Instruments playing
  • Band members
  • Artist's biography
  • Artist's discography
  • Musicians playing on album
  • Album comments / liner notes
  • Musical genres
  • and much more ...

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In sync with iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify         

ArtistInfo is listening to your music that is playing in iTunes, Apple Music, or Spotify and will automatically collect corresponding information in the background. You may interactively browse deeper into the world of your favorite artists and explore relations on musicians, bands, composers, arrangers, producers, albums, music instruments, and musical genres. Enjoy your digital music collection enriched with contextual information provided by ArtistInfo.  

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Get ArtistInfo for Mac, iPad & iPhone

The ArtistInfo App is available for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. You can access album credits while at home or mobile on the go. Share your "My Favorites" list among all your macOS and iOS devices via iCloud. And playback of discovered music always is only one click away.  

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ArtistInfo for Web

ArtistInfo is supporting universal links. In order to give all access via deep linking, content about artists and albums is also provided as Web pages. 

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ArtistInfo for Mac is available for
macOS & OS X 10.9 and later. 

ArtistInfo for iPad & iPhone is
available for iOS 8 and later.



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More content for ArtistInfo
June 2019: Updated Metason database now includes 2.5 Mio artists and 5.4 Mio albums. 

ArtistInfo for iOS in sync with Spotify
March 2018: New release of ArtistInfo for iOS can be in sync with Spotify to get artist infos on currently playing tracks. 

Listen to Music in ArtistInfo for Web
May 2017: Current release of ArtistInfo for Web includes prelistening of album tracks and of artist's most popular songs and Youtube videos. Start discovered album tracks directly in your subscribed Apple Music or Spotify apps at 


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"ArtistInfo is well done, it really enriches my life as music fan.Stevie Heynes


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The ArtistNet visualization generated by ArtistInfo for Mac can be exported to stand-alone Web pages. Try out the following examples:

Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny Group
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Brand New Heavies
Peter Erskine
Kenny Wheeler
Michael Bucher
- Michael Gassmann